Resilience Fund

The firestorm that ravaged Sonoma County in October 2017 has taken a devastating toll on our community, with 5,300 structures destroyed, 24 deaths, and more than $3 billion in losses. More than 100,000 people were displaced from their homes, and countless numbers of people have lost absolutely everything.

While this disaster has been chaotic, the response should not be. With 34 years of experience in philanthropy, we know how to make strategic and impactful grants to support the well-being of our community. To date we’ve given out more than $200 million dollars to Sonoma County organizations addressing issues such as housing, hunger, economic well-being and mental health.

Recovery from these fires will take years, and we’re committed to this community for the long term. We have launched the Sonoma County Resilience Fund to address the mid to long-term needs of those impacted by these devastating fires. Learn more about the Resilience Fund

You can quickly and easily support the nonproft Resilience Fund in the following ways:

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Our hearts may be broken, but our spirits are not. In the face of this destruction, we know that we will recover, as the resilient community that we are. Be safe, be well, and be strong.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to Sonoma County.


The Sonoma County Resilience Fund was created in October 2017 to address the mid to long-term needs of Sonoma County to recover and rebuild from the devastating fires that have struck our community. Please visit our FAQs page for information about the purpose of the fund and who the fund will support.



We are currently in the process of developing our grantmaking strategy for the Resilience Fund. As part of that process, on November 28th we hosted a Resilience Convening for local philanthropic and nonprofit leaders to learn from one another and share needs and opportunities to inform our community recovery and rebuilding process.

Prior to the Resilience Convening we conducted a survey of 15 local and regional funders who have created fire funds to begin to map the funding landscape for relief, recovery, and rebuilding.

The event included presentations by local funders who have created funds in response to the fires and a breakout session for nonprofits to discuss emerging needs and opportunities.

The PowerPoint from the funder’s panel, funder survey results, and other documents from the convening are available for download below.

Resilience Convening Report: Values, Needs, and Opportunities

Funder’s Panel Presentation PowerPoint: Presentations by Tipping Point, Redwood Credit Union’s North Bay Fire Relief Fund, Community Foundation Sonoma County, Rebuild North Bay, UndocuFund, and United Way of the Wine Country.

Audio Recording of Funder’s Panel: Thanks to KRCB for recording the presentations and panel discussion.

Funder Survey Results: A full report of the survey we conducted in November 2017 of 15 funders who have created fire relief/recovery funds.

Contact Information for Funder Panel Participants


Next Steps

We have collected all of the questions that the participating nonprofits had for the funders on the panel and have shared the questions with them; we will circle back when we have responses to those questions.

If you have questions about the Resilience Fund, please contact Karin Demarest, Vice President for Programs: or 707-303-9621.