We work with professional advisors to help your clients give effectively and receive significant tax benefits.

From the client who wants to make an immediate philanthropic impact, to the couple hoping to leave a legacy, to the family with a complicated tax situation, our team of philanthropic professionals helps you facilitate finding the best solutions.

In the same way that you work to enhance your client’s portfolio for maximum stability and returns, we work to maximize the impact of their charitable giving.

Our Professional Advisory Group is comprised of local financial and estate planning professionals who plan seminars, workshops and events to increase the awareness among their colleagues of the resources we offer.

Working together with us, you and your clients benefit in these ways:

You maintain your client relationships.
Through us, you can offer a full range of philanthropic services.

You access our charitable giving expertise.
Whether it’s setting up an alternative to a private foundation or putting together a complicated estate plan, we tailor plans to meet your clients’ needs.

You employ our community knowledge.
We help your clients maximize the impact of their local charitable giving.

You cultivate multi-generational relationships.
When families create an advised fund with us, you potentially stay involved for generations.

Clients can donate a variety of assets.
We can receive gifts of cash, appreciated securities and various illiquid assets which can be given now or later as part of your clients’ estate plans.


You make a difference in your clients’ lives.
By partnering with us, you help your clients increase their current income, increase their heirs’ inheritance, leave a legacy in the community and teach their children about philanthropy.

Clients enjoy the advantages of our public charity status.
Starting a fund at the Community Foundation is significantly less expensive and easier than starting a private foundation and offers maximum tax benefits.

Additional Resources

Seminar Luncheons
The Professionals Seminar Series Luncheons, sponsored by the Community Foundation, feature outstanding speakers on matters of interest to financial advisors, planned giving professionals and allied professionals.

To be added to the invitation list for these gatherings, please contact us.

Redwood Empire Estate Planning Council
The Council is an interdisciplinary organization for professionals involved in estate planning. It promotes understanding of the proper relationship between professional advisors and any party or parties involved with estate planning, and encourages co-operation of all parties. Visit the Redwood Empire Estate Planning Council Website

Planned Giving Design Center
The Center provides current information on planned giving, including updates on IRS rulings and pending legislation. Visit the Planned Giving Design Center Website.


For more information about how we can help your clients, please contact:

Rebecca Rogoway

Rebecca Rogoway

Philanthropic Advisor

Susan Price

Susan Price

Senior Philanthropic Advisor

 Olivia Loes

Olivia Loes

Philanthropy and Grants Associate