The Sonoma County YouthTruth Survey


In January of 2021, the California-based national nonprofit YouthTruth administered surveys across 56 schools from 10 Sonoma County school districts. The effort resulted in hearing from nearly 30,000 student, parent and guardian, and school staff community members on topics like, academic challenge, school culture, emotional and mental health.

Key themes emerged from the findings that speak to student, parent and guardian, and school staff members’ experiences of relationships, belonging, emotional and mental health, distance learning, housing needs, and the impacts of local environmental disasters.

The Sonoma County YouthTruth Survey offers insights into students and belonging, distance learning, covid, mental health, housing

In a two-part event series held April 9 and April 16, leaders from youth-focused community organizations were invited to explore the data behind these themes, viewed through an equity lens with a special focus on the effects of local environmental disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic on community well-being.


YouthTruth Data Discovery Webinar

A walk through of the data with YouthTruth Deputy Director Sonya Heisters

Friday, April 9, 2021

12:00 – 1:30 pm

Take Action:

YouthTruth Data Interactive Workshop

An interactive discussion exploring how YouthTruth data can be used to bolster resilience efforts and build a stronger Sonoma County

Friday, April 16, 2021

12:00 – 1:30 pm

The report:

Leading through Listening

Student and Community Voices in Sonoma County

For help understanding how to read this data, please refer to the Youthtruth Backpack and find out how to understand the report, make use of the data, set goals, plan for improvement, and more.

Dig Deeper Into the Data: Interactive Reports

Synthesis Report

(with findings across all audiences, and grade levels)

Synthesis Report

Student Surveys: Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Student Survey Reports: Elementary Schools
Student Surveys: Middle Schools
Student Surveys: High Schools

Parent and Guardian Surveys: Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Family Surveys: Elementary School
Family Survey: Middle Schools
Family Survey: High Schools

Teacher Surveys: Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Teacher Survey: Elementary Schools
Teacher Survey: Middle Schools
Teacher Survey: High Schools

YouthTruth Data Sharing and Collaboration Hosts

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