Give for Good

Community Foundation Sonoma County administers over 450 hundred funds that serve a wide variety of charitable purposes and reflect the intent of our donors.

  • Endowment funds are the backbone of our community impact work, providing support for present and future needs and opportunities in perpetuity.  In essence, endowments are gifts that keep growing and giving. The principal is carefully invested and remains whole forever and a specified portion of the income (based on a “spending rule”) is used annually for grants.
  • Expendable (non-endowed) funds permit grant distributions from the earnings or principal in any amount ($250 minimum grant) at any time. An expendable fund may be converted to an endowment [usually upon the death of the original donor(s)].

Donor-Advised or Committee-Advised Funds

These are established by individuals, families, groups or companies, allowing you to contribute assets and recommend grants at any time. This is a flexible, personalized way to support your favorite nonprofit groups in Sonoma County, elsewhere in the U.S., or anywhere in the world.

Community Endowment Funds

These funds provide the major resources used by the Community Foundation to make discretionary grants. Funds are invested for the long term and provide an annual payout that ensures regular, on-going support for our annual grantmaking. Since needs and opportunities change, our ability to respond effectively is maximized by having flexible funds. Grants are made through our competitive grants process in broad fields of interest: e.g., Animal Welfare, Arts/Culture, Education, Environment, Health/Human Services, along with Basic Human Needs and Ending Family Homelessness.

Field-of-Interest Funds

Individuals may open endowment funds to support particular charitable interests. These funds provide the most long-term flexibility for the Community Foundation to address the changing needs and opportunities of our communities. These may be created or added to with future estate gifts.  Grants are made through our competitive grants process in broad fields of interest.

Organization Funds

Individuals or nonprofits can create this kind of fund for a specific nonprofit beneficiary. Nonprofit organizations can also establish this kind of fund as part of a fundraising strategy. Organization endowment funds are particularly valuable in assuring long-term financial stability and independence.

For more information about our philanthropic services, please contact:

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown

President and CEO
Kris Van Giesen

Kris Van Giesen

Senior Vice President, Philanthropic Planning