A young girl painting a figurine yellow. Text reads: Arts Education Grant Program
The 2023 Arts Education grant program opened on April 27, 2023, and is now closed.

The Issue

A high-quality arts education is vital for developing imaginative thinkers able to address tomorrow’s most pressing problems and contribute to the vibrancy and culture of their communities. Student involvement in the arts is linked to higher academic performance, increased standardized test scores, greater involvement in community service, and lower dropout rates.

Unfortunately, arts programs are frequently cut from the curriculum for budgetary reasons. Consequently, schools turn to parent-teacher associations and fundraisers to continue to operate arts programs. This reliance on outside funding has exacerbated widespread disparities in access to high-quality arts education in our community.


Community Foundation Sonoma County is committed to equitable access to arts education. Our Arts Education grant program supports nonprofits providing high-quality arts education for students furthest from these opportunities. Arts education curricula should be delivered by qualified Sonoma County visual, performing, or literary artists providing instruction and creative experiences directly to young people. Organizations may apply for funding up to $15,000.

Grant Program Criteria

This grant program is open to arts organizations providing free arts education programs in underserved Sonoma County K-12 schools. Sonoma County 501c3 nonprofit organizations or fiscally sponsored projects are eligible to apply. Specific criteria include providing students with the opportunity to:

  • Create a work of art within the visual, literary, and/or performing arts
  • Share their work through informal presentations or performances
  • Reflect and respond to their own or others’ art
  • Experience multiple opportunities for learning. Arts education experiences limited to a single visit, performance, or assembly are not fit with this grant program.
For questions about the Arts Education grant program, please contact:
Baldemar Ruppert

Baldemar Ruppert

Community Impact Officer
For questions about the online application process, please contact:
Annette Williams

Annette Williams

Community Impact Coordinator