Brenda Beal with a big smile on her face as she stands outside. Text: Staff Appreciation!, Brenda Beal, Finance and Operations Assistant

CFSC Staff Appreciation!

Brenda is a kind-hearted individual with a strong desire to help her community. Being in the nonprofit world for well over 15 years, Brenda is aware of the powerful impact nonprofit organizations have on a community.

Having Brenda join the Community Foundation team means having someone who can provide a helping hand to her coworkers and look over the daily financial matters. Brenda has skills in administration, financial management, customer service, human resources, and business development. Brenda has accumulated these skills throughout the years making her a valuable addition to the CFSC team.

Growing up in Sonoma County, Brenda attended Santa Rosa Junior College where she studied animal welfare and learned how to treat animals through physical therapy as well as acupuncture. Brenda’s experience in nonprofits as well as her expertise in animal behavior, opened doors to many notable achievements in her career such as neutering about 1000 animals during her work at Compassion Without Borders, where she also recruited and trained volunteers.

Brenda has also worked with several of the Community Foundations grantees including Compassion Without Borders, Pets Lifeline, and La Luz Center. Brenda’s experience at these nonprofits offers the Foundation insight on what these organizations and others like them need.

Brenda lives in Windsor with her son Charlie, where she enjoys the small town feel Sonoma County provides. On her free time, Brenda enjoys relaxing and getting creative with all sorts of art including crochet, drawing and photography.

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