The Philanthropic Planning Team plays a pivotal role in guiding donors to achieve their charitable goals and maximize the impact of their philanthropy. This team works closely with individuals, families, and businesses to understand their values and aspirations and to help them create personalized giving plans. By offering expert advice on a range of philanthropic options, from donor-advised funds to legacy giving, the team ensures that each contribution is strategically aligned with the donor’s intentions and the community’s needs. The Philanthropic Planning Team works alongside our Community Impact Team and community members to identify pressing issues and solutions, ensuring that philanthropic efforts are directed towards initiatives with the greatest potential for positive change.

Read on to learn more about each member of our team!

Kirsten Etherington – Administrative Assistant, Philanthropy

Joined CFSC in 2023

Area of impact: Kirsten has a strong dedication to mental health, the environment, and animal wellfare.

Favorite part of her week: Kirsten loves spending time with her husband and their dog, Mochi. She enjoys travel, wine, being active, spending time with her family, and going to the beach.

Kirsten has been immersed in nonprofit work her entire life, inspired by her grandmother, a passionate advocate and minority business leader in Dallas, Texas. As a child, Kirsten spent her after-school hours supporting her grandmother’s efforts running the nonprofit La Voz Del Anciano, which worked to uplift and defend the elderly members of her community. Kirsten learned the vital importance of being of service to our communities and amplifying the voices of everyone from the example that her grandmother set for her. That example inspired her to work for the Community Foundation, where she supports the philanthropic efforts of our donors and fund holders. Since joining CFSC last year, Kirsten has been energized by the dedication of her coworkers, who she enjoys collaborating with to address some of Sonoma County’s most pressing concerns.

Olivia Loes – Philanthropy & Grants Associate 

Joined CFSC in 2021

Area of impact: Olivia is passionate about supporting Arts & Culture, and Education. 

Favorite part of her week: Olivia enjoys fiber arts, weaving, pilates and yoga, wildflower walks through Sonoma County parks, and enjoying time in her backyard with her pups. 

Growing up in Texas, but with family in San Francisco, the Bay Area has always been a second home to Olivia. Olivia, her husband, and their two dogs and two cats have made roots in Santa Rosa, figuratively and literally, since their move to the North Bay in 2018. They have a backyard vineyard where they have had the chance to have a hands-on wine country experience. Olivia has worked in museums, art galleries, and in the development department at the University of San Francisco. She holds a BA in Art History and an MA in Arts Leadership and Non-Profit Administration. Her background in the Arts has deeply influenced her work with CFSC. She finds similar inspiration in philanthropy, driven by the impactful stories of donors and the passions that motivate them to invest in their community. She brings that dedication and compassion to her fund portfolio as well, ensuring that donors are connected to nonprofits that align with their passions and interests.

Susan Price – Senior Philanthropic Advisor 

Joined CFSC in 2022

Area of impact: Susan is deeply committed to environmental sustainability, affordable housing, disaster prevention and relief, education, health, and agriculture. 

Favorite part of her week: Susan’s diverse interests include beekeeping, photographty, SCUBA diving, hiking, gardening, and enjoying summer days by the river and on the coast. 

With a strong passion for building meaningful connections between donors and the causes they cherish, Susan’s expertise in donor relations and nonprofit management is instrumental to our mission. Her unwavering dedication to social equity and inclusion drives her to foster a thriving and resilient community. Susan holds a Master of Leadership degree in Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Community, which, combined with her extensive experience in fundraising, has equipped her with the skills to inspire and mobilize support for impactful initiatives. Her deep knowledge in these areas has made her a transformative force within our foundation. She consistently brings innovative approaches to address our community’s diverse and evolving needs. We are deeply grateful for Susan’s positive influence and eagerly anticipate the continued impact of her work on our foundation and community.

Rebecca Rogoway – Philanthropic Advisor

Joined CFSC in 2023

Area of impact: Rebecca is passionate about Health & Human Services, especially women & children experiencing homelessness in Sonoma County.

Favorite part of her week: Rebecca is an avid runner who enjoys spending time with family, attending community events, reading in her garden, and trying out new Sonoma County restaurants! 

Rebecca brings a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to philanthropy, having dedicated her career to helping donors connect with causes that matter most to them. Rebecca grew up in Connecticut, later moving to Chico, California to attend college. She lived all over Southern and Northern California while working with the American Heart Association, eventually settling in Sonoma County in 2019. Rebecca’s engaging personality and dedication to our community make her a perfect fit for the Community Foundation. She is deeply empathetic, knowledgeable about community needs, and has a strong desire to make a positive impact in the world.

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