Baldemar Ruppert

Community Foundation Sonoma County gives a warm welcome to our new Community Impact Officer, Baldemar Ruppert!

Baldemar describes himself as an empathetic individual with a courageous and optimistic attitude who is strongly inclined toward philanthropy and desires to serve his community.

Baldemar joins us from West Marin Fund, a small community foundation in the rural area of West Marin County. There, he served as Executive Manager and Interim Coordinator of the Coalition on Equity & Justice. Being part of a small organization allowed Baldemar to wear many hats. This helped him enhance his communication and interpersonal skills and develop a deeper understanding of community foundations and the important role they play in the community.

Baldemar grew up in Salinas, CA, where he witnessed a lack of resources available to his community. Seeing the disproportionate challenges in his hometown didn’t sit right with him. Baldemar knew changes had to be made to help create a more equitable space for everyone.

After cultivating a passion for policy and systemic transformation, Baldemar embarked on a philanthropic and nonprofit journey. Being a member of the Latino and LGBTQ+ communities gives him a profound understanding of the unique challenges these communities face. He is dedicated to using his nonprofit work to tackle these issues and motivate individuals like himself to pursue parallel career paths.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts and minor in Education from UC Santa Cruz, a Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in public policy from SF State University, and a certificate in early childhood education from Cabrio College, Baldemar brings a wide skillset to his role as Community Impact Officer. Baldemar continues to expand his knowledge as he is currently in school pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership!

In his new role with CFSC, Baldemar will work closely with Sonoma County nonprofits as he assists with grants and helps provide opportunities for local youth and people of color. Baldemar describes his first week at the foundation as a learning experience as he acquires new insights and expertise.

“Grant work is something I’ve wanted to do for so long, and I’m so happy that the opportunity came up,” Baldemar expressed. As he settles into his new position, Baldemar anticipates the uplifting conversations he’ll have with community leaders and the work he will do that will proactively improve Sonoma County.

In Sonoma County, Baldemar is grateful to live in a community that allows him to be true to himself and motivates him to succeed. He attributes his feelings of empowerment to the support and encouragement of various community members.

When he isn’t devoting time to championing Sonoma County, Baldemar can be found behind an intriguing book, escaping into another world, or sitting beside his husband as they watch anime together.

We are thrilled to welcome Baldemar to the CFSC team and are excited to witness the remarkable things he will accomplish!

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