Cherry blossom trees are seen behind Minal Patel as she smiles for a photo. Text: Staff Appreciation! Minal Patel, Accountant.

While her professional accomplishments are impressive, it is Minal’s connection to the community that makes her a great fit for the Community Foundation. She volunteers regularly, most commonly at Redwood Empire Food Bank. She is very environmentally minded – intentionally living a simple lifestyle to protect the environment. She is most excited that her work will contribute something positive for the broader Sonoma County community.

As an accountant, Minal oversees the finances that go in and out of the Community Foundation. Her work allows her to see firsthand how the Community Foundation assists several organizations throughout Sonoma.

She has a background in accounting and computer science education; some of her most recent accounting work has been in real estate and pharmaceutical industries. Earlier in her career, she performed data and operations analyst duties with renowned financial institutions.

Minal lives in Windsor with her son and husband, where she enjoys spending her time hiking, gardening, or simply going on walks to help relieve some stress.

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