Every American generation must face defining moments. We are facing one now.

The recent killings of people and police officers in communities across the country have stirred feelings of discord and despair, and left Americans wondering how we’ll find a way forward.

Yet America has faced many such moments before, and found a path towards our ideals of dignity, equality, and justice.

From this history, we draw hope.

In Sonoma County, we see hope in the ideas, inspirations and actions of our community. We see hope in the opportunity to move forward positively. That is why Community Foundation Sonoma County is joining forces with foundations across the United States to build bridges of dialogue and support the courageous leaders and organizations in our communities who are bringing hope to our community.

The remarkable organizations we support give us all countless reasons for hope.

What gives you hope?

Please share your reasons for hope in Sonoma County on our Facebook page or at #ReasonsForHope. Better yet, learn more about the amazing nonprofit organizations we are proud to support, community leaders making change every day, and donors contributing heart, mind, time and dollars by clicking on the tag #ReasonsForHope below. Support them, volunteer, or get involved to inspire hope.

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