“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

Leonard Cohen


We find ourselves in a season of contrasts of darkness and light. Today is the shortest and darkest day of the year. We reflect on the year coming to a close and chronicle our personal and collective losses and disappointments. We see the ways we might have fallen short of our own goals or unrealized dreams for our community.

Then we hear the laughter of family, friends, and colleagues. We appreciate small acts of kindness and generosity. We are moved by the dedication of those on the front-line of national and community service. We are struck by the determination and passion of the next generation, reminding us in some ways of our younger selves but with an appreciation of the unique changes and challenges that are being thrown their way. We remember that starting tomorrow, the light lingers a little longer.

Here at the Community Foundation Sonoma County, we occupy this “space between” where we are connected to the inequities facing so many in our community and at the same time, full of hope as we witness the many forms of inspired action by community leaders, students, families and you, our donors.

Just last week, thanks to your generosity, we made nearly 100 donor advised grants to 86 organizations, ranging from supporting civil and human rights nationally to supporting the many amazing local organizations and programs ranging from arts to education to the environment and basic human needs.

As the days grow longer and the light glows brighter,  we look forward to continuing to create community change with you in the coming year. May these holidays provide you abundant opportunities to connect with the people, places and passions that are most meaningful to you.

With Gratitude,


Elizabeth Brown

President and CEO

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