Grandparent Legacy Project

Stories create a common thread and understanding for families.

Listen to Sharna Goldsecker, Executive Director of 21/64, share research and stories behind The Grandparent Legacy Project. The philanthropy podcast, Forward Thinking, explores how family narratives build a cohesive understanding of values for multiple generations.

Both the story itself and the process of passing the story from one generation is a valuable step in conveying family and philanthropic legacies. The Grandparents Legacy Project is a book and CD including stories from 15 grandparents’, including Jeanne Schulz, and a workbook to collect the stories that have shaped your own family.

At a time when we are reflecting on the life of Marv Soiland and the way his family is honoring him by sharing stories and “Marv-isms”, we felt this tool was worth sharing. If you would like to learn more about The Grandparent Legacy Project, please contact your Community Foundation Sonoma County Philanthropic Advisor.

Happy listening!