2014 was an exciting year of change for the Community Foundation, including for the Programs department. Karin Demarest became Vice President for Programs in March, and Elly Grogan joined the Foundation in May. Here’s a little bit about our team:

Karin Demarest (shown left) heads up our Programs Team. As Vice President, she is in charge of ensuring consistent, meaningful stewardship of donors’ philanthropic legacies. This means artfully developing effective grant programs that align with donor intent and enable our nonprofit partners to succeed. Karin is passionate about her contributions to the community beyond grantmaking, allowing her to partner with others who are dedicated to finding elegant and scalable solutions to our most pressing issues.

Karin received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and a Master of Arts degree in Teaching from University of San Francisco. With years of experience in arts advocacy, education, and consulting, Karin brings a fresh set of ideas to local philanthropy and works tirelessly to address issues of equity in our community.

Four Fun Facts About Karin:

Morning Gal:  Can be found running the track at 5:30am.

Proud Mama: Her two children are her true passion.

Motion Theater: She doesn’t just advocate for art, she makes it, too.

Panel Moderator:  She’s known by some as “SonOprah”

Elly Grogan is our powerhouse when it comes to managing grants, schedules, and everything else related to the Programs Team. As Program Associate, Elly works with our Healdsburg Area affiliate and conducts extensive research in all of our fields of interest. From providing technical support to grantees to keeping our Facebook page fresh and relevant, she’s committed to increasing accessibility, transparency, and responsiveness with our nonprofit partners.

Elly has bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and International Studies from University of Oregon and a Master of Arts degree in International and Multicultural Education from University of San Francisco. She has experience in environmental education, nonprofit management, and international development.

Four Fun Facts About Elly:

Salsa Dancer:  Can’t sit still when she hears those salsa beats.

Inveterate Traveler: From Andean mountains to Samoan beaches.

Southpaw: Part of the 10% of the world that is left-handed.

Bird Nerd: Elly is an outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for observing our feathered friends.


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