Shelter in Place has radically changed the way we interact with one another, moving most if not all, of our interactivity with the outside world online rather than in-person. Adapting to this shift has been hard on many of us, forcing us to use tools we’ve never used before, and requiring us to learn to use them quickly! We know what a struggle this has been and wanted to see if we could create an event that would help us all learn together.

Earlier today we hosted an interactive and fun meta webinar for our nonprofit colleagues: A Zoom on Zooms! How to use Zoom effectively in your nonprofit organization. This fun webinar covered the technical details for setting up for a Zoom meeting, troubleshooting tips, and a guide to looking your best (hint: it’s all about the lighting!) We also talked about ways to make your Zoom calls more interactive, and how to use more advanced features like the whiteboard, screen sharing to play videos, and last but not least, how to play pictionary with your teams!

Our Zoom guide, developed by our Director of Communications, Caitlin Childs is free and we hope you will find it helpful! If so, can you please help us by spreading the word?

Download the guide here:

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