We offer opportunities to expand your community interests, deepen your knowledge of local nonprofits and increase the impact of your giving.

Donor Events

We periodically host events where you can meet one another and share ideas about your philanthropic plans and goals. Some of these events are purely social, while others are centered on particular topics or timely community issues.

Personalized Site Visits

If you would like to visit nonprofit service providers to further understand an organization’s programs and strategies or to assess how your donation might make a difference, we are happy to arrange a personalized tour.

Panel Discussions with Local Experts on Important Community Issues

We periodically convene experts in their field for panel discussions on important community issues, e.g., homelessness, teens, civic engagement and the environment. If you are interested in a particular issue, please let us know so we can invite you to participate.

Family Philanthropy

We are happy to meet with you and any family members to discuss how your philanthropy may be passed from one generation to the next. You can create a youth-advised fund to facilitate community giving from your child, grandchild or a young person close to you.

For more information, please contact Miguel Ruelas at 707.303.9619.