A young girl on a farm wearing a purple sweater and purple mask holding a chicken in her arms.. Text reads: Environmental Education Grant Program

The Issue

We are fortunate to live in a county filled with urban and rural parks and open spaces that allow us to explore majestic redwood forests, stunning wetlands, rolling hills, and our rugged coastline. Yet, many people in our community do not have access to opportunities to get outdoors, connect with and learn about nature—even when those places are right in their own backyard.

To foster informed, inspired lifelong environmental stewards who can address the environmental challenges we face now and in the future, there must be equitable opportunities for everyone in our community to cultivate a connection to nature and participate in protecting the environment. Community Foundation seeks to continue to address these disparities and expand access to typically underserved community members through this grants program open to both established and grassroots environmental organizations who share our commitment to equity.


Community Foundation Sonoma County is committed to addressing issues of disparity in order to build an equitable community. Our Environmental Education Grant Program focuses on supporting high-quality environmental education experiences for young people who lack access and opportunities to experience the outdoors through:

  • Multiple visits (single-visit programs are ineligible for funding)
  • Standards-based science curriculum
  • Opportunities to cultivate a sense of connection and belonging in the outdoors
  • Direct experiences as stewards of the natural world
  • Incorporation of climate justice into the experience

Environmental education curricula should be delivered by environmental organizations working in collaboration with classroom teachers to deliver experiences directly to elementary and/or secondary school students.


The Environmental Education Grant Program takes place in the spring with grant awards announced in early summer.

2021 Grants

OrganizationGrant Purpose
Extended Child Care Coalition of Sonoma County Inc.to support K-8 student participation in environment and nutrition programs at the Larkfield Community Garden/ Learning Center, as fiscal sponsor to Community Soil Foundation
LandPathsto support the In Our Own BackYard program
North Bay Organizing Projectto support the Latino Student Congress environmental education outings
Pepperwood Foundationto support TeenNat, connecting youth to natural resource careers through participation in conservation research
Pepperwood Foundationto support professional development for Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative (SEEC), as fiscal sponsor
Point Reyes National Seashore Associationto support partnership with Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance to expand the Youth in Parks program
Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundationto support the Environmental Education Modules
Sonoma Ecology Centerto support the K-12 Watershed Education program for Sonoma Valley youth
Sonoma Land Trustto support the Conservation Council environmental science and youth development program
This grant program is by invitation only. For more information, please contact:
Ariana Diaz De Leon

Ariana Díaz de León

Community Impact Program Director