Introducing Greater Good for Donors

Introducing Greater Good for Donors

Welcome to the Greater Good, our monthly newsletter for Community Foundation Sonoma County donors.

We know you want your philanthropy to be both strategic and inspired. Greater Good seeks to do both by providing you with information and data on community issues as well as stories of our nonprofit partners and your peers.

We deeply value each of you and are committed to communication that strengthens our partnership. We hope that this newsletter will be an effective tool towards this end; however, if you’re already overwhelmed with newsletters, simply scroll down and follow the unsubscribe link. We’ll understand.

We believe in investing in the promise of Sonoma County and the power of philanthropy to change communities. We also know that partnership is key to success and look forward to making a difference in 2015 — together.

All the best,

Elizabeth Brown

President and CEO, Community Foundation Sonoma County

PS — As always, we’re interested in what you think. If you have feedback on this newsletter, please don’t hesitate to let us know.