Saving Families

Expecting their first child, saving for a first home and working as a preschool teacher, all seemed well with a young family until their daughter’s birth had complications. The couple, having no health insurance, used all their savings on medical bills. Then, after her husband lost his job and eventually walked out, never to return, […]


Every American generation must face defining moments. We are facing one now. The recent killings of people and police officers in communities across the country have stirred feelings of discord and despair, and left Americans wondering how we’ll find a way forward. Yet America has faced many such moments before, and found a path towards […]

Child Parent Institute

“I’m at the end of my rope. Where do I turn?” A mother of four tries to improve herself through college studies while raising her kids with no help from their father. Child Parent Institute’s (CPI’s) in-home parent counseling services provides positive solutions resulting in a better home life. Sometimes parents need a time-out. A positive parenting […]

Impact (100) Grant

Impact 100 Redwood Circle has awarded its first $100,000 grant to VOICES, an innovative nonprofit that provides youth with the resources they need to make the leap from foster care to successful, independent adulthood. More than 100 members of this nascent women’s giving circle gathered on Saturday, May 21 to hear presentations from three nonprofit grant […]

Sonoma Conservation

Internships at Pepperwood Preserve provide valuable opportunities for students to connect to and understand the biodiversity of Sonoma County. Sasha Ruschmeyer’s experience at the preserve created opportunities to collaborate with teachers and mentors who positively impact her ability to create a clear picture of “true conservation”. This experience and insight provided the impetus to focus […]

The Imaginists

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It could turn into almost anything! Just who are those wild-eyed, costumed people on bicycles? What are they doing wandering to and fro, performing in the streets? Why are they in our high schools engaging and charming the kids, getting even the shyest of teens to open up, participate […]

Sonoma Wine Country Weekend Grantees Announced

As the grantmaking partner of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend , we are thrilled to share that a record-breaking total of $3,486,726 in contributions to Sonoma County non-profit organizations was distributed on March 31st from the resounding 2015 Sonoma Wine Country Weekend. Over 200 guests representing Sonoma County’s wine industry leadership, non-profit organizations, local dignitaries, and top […]

A Mother’s Gift of Music

By J Mullineaux This year I decided to honor my mother on Mother’s Day by purchasing a trumpet and donating it to the Music for Schools Program at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts. My mother inspired me to play the trumpet – in fact, my mother encouraged me to do anything in life that […]

Russian Riverkeeeper

At the very heart of Sonoma County flows the beloved Russian River. This ancient, beautiful, integral resource provides precious water for drinking, fish and wildlife habitat, agriculture, and recreation; as such its value is inestimable. Yet our river is under constant assault from both nature (drought, flooding) and our own acts (overuse, pollution, diversion). As […]

Dream Big, SAY!

The SAY Dream Center is open to provide housing, jobs and counselling to homeless youth! We couldn’t be prouder of SAY and Sonoma County for prioritizing the work of supporting youth and ensuring that the Dream Center become a reality. SAY has already welcomed some youth to their new apartments at the Dream Center and […]