$300,000 in Emergency Grants for Recovery Efforts

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of donors, organizations and businesses inside and outside the community, CFSC’s Resilience Fund has grown to over $4 million, and has allowed the Foundation to make emergency grants to 11 local nonprofits. The funds will help strengthen and stabilize the organizations as they play a key role in assisting fire […]

National Award for Sonoma’s Health Action

Begin with a compelling cause—making Sonoma County one of the healthiest communities in the state—add as a driving force a contingent of passionate, action-oriented organizations with deep expertise—and you have a formula for success. That’s the premise behind Health Action, an initiative that brings together the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, Department of Health Services […]

Hot Topics Donor Forums

Please save the date(s) for our series of Hot Topics Donor Forums. Hot Topics Donor Forums will explore themes and issues that you have expressed an interest in learning more about. Expect a rich conversation and knowledge sharing with thought leaders, Community Foundation staff, and other donors. Presentations and subsequent conversations will be led by Community […]

A Confluence of Moments

An unfamiliar subject line on the monitor read: A confluence of moments. As representatives of Community Foundation Sonoma County, many of our inboxes have a rich archive of eloquently titled emails that tug at the heartstrings, pique our curiosity, or both. However, this particular message came to us from Taya Levine, a member of our […]

Disrupting Giving

Women are changing the nature and structure of philanthropy (and not just because they are giving more and more often than men). They are redefining what giving is about by using their work to build cultural understanding and open conversations about difference. Some are pledging time and expertise, as well as financial support and considering […]

The Tale of Two Women

Two women are thinking creatively about the questions asked in academic research and to one another in relationship to philanthropy. They are changing the information and data available as well as the conversations about gender and giving. You can hear about their journey, research and convenings on one of our favorite philanthropy podcasts Forward Thinking’s […]

Gender Parity Myths

Time Magazine examines our (mis) conceptions regarding men and women’s work. The story, neatly summarizes Kweilin Ellingrud and Vivian Reifberg’s recent report “The Power of Parity” and is part of Time’s “Ideas” reporting.

Generosity Over Wealth

A recent study confirms our intuition that retirees are happier when they give back. This Wall Street Journal blog (and related story) tracks survey results from nearly 4,000 adults and concludes that “giving back may just be the secret ingredient to a happier retirement”. We would bet that you may feel the same way.

National Impact of Giving Circles

Nationally, giving circles are on the raise. Members rewarding experiences enhance more than “just philanthropy”. The New York Times highlights the positive impact for members as well as local nonprofits and community leaders touched by these groups. For even more information about giving circles, download this study on the impact of giving circles on members.

The Overhead Myth

Dan is an entrepreneur, author, and humanitarian activist who is best known for creating the multi-day charitable event industry, and a new generation of philanthropists, with the AIDS Rides and Breast Cancer 3-Day events.  His 2013 TED Talk, viewed by 3.4 million people, argued that “the way we think about charity is dead wrong.” See his Talk and learned how these provocative ideas […]