National Award for Sonoma’s Health Action

Begin with a compelling cause—making Sonoma County one of the healthiest communities in the state—add as a driving force a contingent of passionate, action-oriented organizations with deep expertise—and you have a formula for success. That’s the premise behind Health Action, an initiative that brings together the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, Department of Health Services […]

A Parent’s Struggle Inspires

Mary Stompe’s high job satisfaction is rooted in a truly personal situation; her mother experienced what far too many seniors do. Mary explains, “My own mother, who had lived a middle class life in Marin, began a rapid downward spiral when my father died unexpectedly. She lost his pension, health and dental insurance, their house, […]

Winter Worries

In Sonoma County we consider ourselves lucky to escape the snowy, downright freezing weather that many of our fellow Americans contend with over the winter months. But that’s also taking for granted a dry, warm place to call home that insulates us from the elements. While we may not experience subzero temperatures, cold, wet, and […]

Saving Families

Expecting their first child, saving for a first home and working as a preschool teacher, all seemed well with a young family until their daughter’s birth had complications. The couple, having no health insurance, used all their savings on medical bills. Then, after her husband lost his job and eventually walked out, never to return, […]

Local Health Assessment

The 2016 Sonoma County Community Health Needs Assessment is a large-scale look at the health of our community as developed collaboratively by local health care providers, health experts, county leaders and residents. The report informs and engages local decision makers, key stakeholders, and the community at-large in efforts to improve the health and well being […]

Dream Big, SAY!

The SAY Dream Center is open to provide housing, jobs and counselling to homeless youth! We couldn’t be prouder of SAY and Sonoma County for prioritizing the work of supporting youth and ensuring that the Dream Center become a reality. SAY has already welcomed some youth to their new apartments at the Dream Center and […]

Canine Companions

Imagine not being able to open a door, answer the phone, hear a fire alarm or even pick up a pencil. Think what it would be like to have people stare at you because you’re in a wheelchair or to feel isolated and, alone because you’re “different.” These are the kinds of challenges many people […]

Closing the Hunger Gap

In the midst of the Great Recession, more and more Sonoma County residents needed help to meet their most basic needs – like keeping a roof over their heads and feeding their families.  In response, Community Foundation Sonoma County launched a five-year initiative to bolster the capacity of our local food bank to supply produce […]

Aging Healthfully

Dr. Brian Kennedy of the Buck Institute spoke at our Greater Good for Donors Forum in February, 2015.  We are pleased to share his TEDx Talk for those of you who weren’t able to join us at the Forum.