Winter Worries

In Sonoma County we consider ourselves lucky to escape the snowy, downright freezing weather that many of our fellow Americans contend with over the winter months. But that’s also taking for granted a dry, warm place to call home that insulates us from the elements. While we may not experience subzero temperatures, cold, wet, and […]

Gratitude for Our Community

At Community Foundation Sonoma County, we regularly share things we are personally and professional grateful for. It is, quite frankly, part of our culture and the work we do every day. Recently, President and CEO Beth Brown led our staff through a “speed gratitude” activity where we (quickly) expressed how we are grateful for our […]

The AIDS Fight for Civil Rights

A New York Times review of How To Survive a Plague – The Inside Story of How Citizens and Science Tamed AIDS by David France caught our eye. The review is beautifully written, inspiring and highlights the moving work AIDS activists and scientist undertook to create a world where all people have equal access to […]

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Reframe the holidays in your workplace to include a more generous approach to your community and selves. Research shows that employee satisfaction is higher amongst individuals whose employers participate in community engagement (i.e. making donations, volunteering time, working on behalf of nonprofits, etc.). We have created a list of ideas and activities that may help […]

Family Holiday Guide

Preparing for family holiday gatherings is more than determining who gets the guest bedroom and who gets the sofa. It is more than finding gluten-free dessert recipes and the frenzy of assembling complicated toys at the last minute. Instead holiday family gatherings are an opportunity to develop new traditions and strategies for doing good in […]

Saving Families

Expecting their first child, saving for a first home and working as a preschool teacher, all seemed well with a young family until their daughter’s birth had complications. The couple, having no health insurance, used all their savings on medical bills. Then, after her husband lost his job and eventually walked out, never to return, […]