Celebrate a Legacy of Philanthropy: Henry Trione

Henry Trione spent more than fifty years shaping Sonoma County. The Press Democrat pays tribute to his commitment to Sonoma County from wineries to football teams, colleges to open space, his business acumen and philanthropy has created an incredible legacy. We are deeply grateful for Henry’s generosity, his partnership with the Community Foundation, and how his […]

Pop-Up Philanthropy

A recent Chronicle of Philanthropy article illustrates how business leaders were moved by the opportunity to educate American youth about one of the greatest contributions to the civil rights movement through the Oscar nominated movie, “Selma”. Donors raced to contribute to “pop-up” projects in nonprofits, school districts, and independent organizations across the country that could […]

Charitable Health

Giving, it appears, is good for our health. New research points to an improvement in a donors’ emotional and physical wellbeing. Researcher Baris K. Yörük shares insight with the Wall Street Journal about the study.

Extraordinary Encore

Retirees continue to give back to their communities through volunteerism, second (or third) careers in nonprofits, and consultative services. Their acts of compassion, goodwill and service, enables communities to thrive while they feel good about their commitment to “give something back” as illustrated in a recent New York Times article.

Literacy Payback

At Community Foundation Sonoma County, we are committed to promoting equity in our community. When we learned about the critical role that early childhood education plays in a child’s later success in school, career, and life, and that in Sonoma County only half of our young children have access to early childhood education, we knew […]

Future of Philanthropy

Community Foundation Sonoma County’s affiliate Sonoma Valley Fund, is pleased to welcome Katherine Fulton to their board of directors. Here, Katherine reveals the future of philanthropy in her 2007 Ted Talk “You are the future of philanthropy”. Despite changing technology and culture, her predictions continue to be relevant and informative. Katherine states that collaboration and […]