Knowing Social Security

Investors are willing to change advisors to learn more about their social security benefits. Don’t get left out in the cold, there are ways to build your expertise (including our November 9th Advisor Group meeting) to better serve your clients’ needs. To register for the Advisor Group, featuring Stephanie Curry of Pacific Life, contact J […]

The Unlikely Philanthropist

Ty Cobb’s strategic approach to giving contradicts everything we know of him. His journey to assess the needs of a community, perform due diligence, and set specific and personal giving criteria preceded many other philanthropists in his time. Today, we recall Ty Cobb as a fierce player and man, but his compassion and dedication to give […]

Early Childhood Education

Access to education is a basic human right and essential in ensuring that all children are able to meet their greatest potential. Early Childhood Education allows children to have equal footing when they begin their educational careers. In Sonoma County, only 39 percent of Latino three and four year olds attend preschool, compared with 65 […]

Investment Strategy

Community Foundation Sonoma County’s Investment Advisory Committee developed a new investment strategy for the Long-Term Pool. The changes went into effect at the end of June 2015. The goal of the changes is to improve transparency and communication, eliminate the portfolio tracking error, and reduce investment costs. The strategy moves the Long-Term Pool to a […]