Sonoma Women’s Leadership

In March 2017, Community Foundation Sonoma County hosted the second annual Women’s Leadership Circle Retreat for Sonoma County nonprofit executives. The retreat is designed to support leaders through networking, self-care, and mutual support and expertise. Beth Brown, President and CEO of Community Foundation Sonoma County facilitated the retreat and has generously offered to answer a […]

A Confluence of Moments

An unfamiliar subject line on the monitor read: A confluence of moments. As representatives of Community Foundation Sonoma County, many of our inboxes have a rich archive of eloquently titled emails that tug at the heartstrings, pique our curiosity, or both. However, this particular message came to us from Taya Levine, a member of our […]

Sonoma Wildflowers

Nearly a century ago, poet and playwright Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote, “I will be the gladdest thing under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one.” Although development has overtaken swaths of the wild hillsides and meadows of Sonoma County, the whisper of Spring is already offering a display of […]

Disrupting Giving

Women are changing the nature and structure of philanthropy (and not just because they are giving more and more often than men). They are redefining what giving is about by using their work to build cultural understanding and open conversations about difference. Some are pledging time and expertise, as well as financial support and considering […]

A Parent’s Struggle Inspires

Mary Stompe’s high job satisfaction is rooted in a truly personal situation; her mother experienced what far too many seniors do. Mary explains, “My own mother, who had lived a middle class life in Marin, began a rapid downward spiral when my father died unexpectedly. She lost his pension, health and dental insurance, their house, […]