Roland and Hazel Todd

Roland and Hazel Todd’s relationship with Community Foundation Sonoma County began in the mid-1990s when they met with then Executive Director Kay Marquet to explore ways to benefit the community through a partnership. In 2000, the Todds decided to have the Community Foundation manage the sale of 20 acres of land and donate the proceeds to charitable causes, including the Glen Ellen Fire Department and FISH (Friends in Sonoma Helping). Our work with them at that time gave them the confidence to entrust their legacy to us.

After their lifetimes, the Todds’ bequest instructed us to support charitable activities primarily in Sonoma Valley, with an emphasis on the areas of health, human services and open space. We convened a group, known as the Todd Trust Team to assess community needs in the Valley and determine goals for use of the $8.5 million Trust.

Based on the needs assessment and the Todds’ wishes, improving the health and well- being of residents in the Springs area of Sonoma Valley became our guiding principal.  “The Todds clearly wanted to provide something important and meaningful with their bequest that would positively impact the lives of people living in Sonoma Valley and, more broadly, Sonoma County,” said Harriet Derwingson, President of the Sonoma Valley Fund. “This team worked to match genuine community needs with the Todds’ compassionate intentions.“

The first two rounds of grants from the Roland and Hazel Todd Trust have now been awarded, providing increased access to essential services to the residents of Sonoma Valley. (See insert)

“Hazel and Roland Todd cared deeply about the health and well-being of residents in their community, and we are honored to steward their gift by supporting such vital programs,” said Barbara Hughes, president and CEO of Community Foundation Sonoma County.

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