Julia L. Grant Fund for Basic Human Needs

Julia L. Grant Fund for Basic Human Needs

 Please Note: The Basic Human Needs grants program is closed for 2017.


2017 Julia L. Grant Fund for Basic Human Needs

The Issue:

While Sonoma County has a thriving economy with a low unemployment rate and seven million tourist visitors each year, too many members of our community are falling increasingly behind. A combination of rapidly rising housing, food, and transportation costs in Sonoma County is exacerbating the ability of low-income residents to cover their basic human needs. Families are too often forced to choose between paying their rent or medical bills, buying food or gas to get to work. In crisis situations such as these, straightforward, real-time assistance with food, shelter, transportation, or medical expenses can prevent families from losing a job, falling into homelessness, or facing another day without food.


The Grant Program:

Community Foundation Sonoma County’s Julia L. Grant Fund for Basic Human Needs grant program supports non-profit organizations who provides services such as shelter, food, support with urgent medical expenses, and other basic needs to populations in acute need.

In 2016 we were able to significantly expand the reach of this grant program thanks to the generosity of Julia L. Grant. We are proud to be supporting the largest cohort of grantees in this program’s history, who are providing critical housing, food, medical and transportation support across all areas of the county.

Because of the strong cohort of current grantees and our commitment to right-sizing the effort of our nonprofits in the time spent applying for funding,  in 2017, we are only inviting 2016 Basic Human Needs grantees to apply for a grant. Grantees may apply for up to the amount that they received in 2016, and must submit their final report alongside a streamlined application for consideration of funding in this next year.  Please note that an invitation to apply is not a guarantee of funding.

If you are not a current Basic Human Needs grantee, we encourage you to check our website in January 2018 for information about next year’s grant program.


Application Timeline

  • Tuesday, February 21st, 2017: Grant application opens. Please note that only current Basic Human Needs grantees are eligible for funding this year.
  • Friday, March 24th, 2017: Grant application closes at 4 p.m.
  • Thursday, May 4th-Friday, May 12th, 2017: Applicants informed of grant awards


How to Apply

This year we are inviting only current Basic Human Needs grantees to apply for funding in 2017-18. In an effort to minimize the time grantees spend applying for funding, this year we will combine the 2016-17 final report with a streamlined application for the 2017-2018 grant.

Community Foundation Sonoma County uses an online process for submitting grant applications. If this is your first application using the online program, you will be asked to set up an account, provide your IRS Tax ID (or Fiscal Sponsor Tax ID) and take a short eligibility quiz. If you have an established account, you will be asked for your password to either access existing application drafts or to open a new application.

Once you’ve opened an online account, you will be asked a series of question that include your contact information, funding request amount, project start and end date. You will also be asked to answer a series of narrative questions. We highly recommend that you complete your application in a Word document and then copy and paste the content into the online template; click here to download a Word version of the narrative questions.

Applicants will also be asked to upload the following documents (please use template provided for those documents marked with an asterisk):

A word of caution: When working in the electronic application program, save your work as you go along and, if you want to leave and then return to complete your application later, save your work before you exit the program. Once you’ve exited without saving, your unsaved work is lost.

For answers to frequently asked questions, click here.


For questions about the Julia L. Grant Fund for Basic Human Needs, please contact Elly Grogan, 707.303.9638, egrogan@sonomacf.org.

For questions about the online application process, please contact Annette Williams, 707.303.9639, awilliams@sonomacf.org.