Endowment Funds

Market fluctuations emphasize the need for diversified, stable and predictable sources of income. Just as you would with your personal investments, it may be wise to consider a “funding mix” to provide stability for your organization.

An important part of the mix may be an endowment fund. This permanent pool of assets generates income and will to grow over time. Like your personal savings, can provide a source of additional income each year.

A wide range of local nonprofit organizations have already established endowment funds with Community Foundation Sonoma County. We specialize in managing endowments, leaving you to focus on your mission.

An endowment:

  • provides a resource to your organization in perpetuity and can protect you from future adversity.
  • delivers a strong message to donors about your fiscal prudence and long-term commitment. This can attract donors who may currently make modest annual gifts but have the capacity to leave significant bequests or legacy gifts.
  • invests in the long-term. Our target return provides for:
    • Annual grants payouts
    • Foundation support fees
    • Growth in principal over time

We have the expertise and assets to make a difference for local nonprofits and a strong record of invest management that includes:

  • Written investment policies which are strictly observed
  • Long-term investment strategies
  • Strategic asset allocations and diversified investments
  • Rigorous governance structures and processes

For more information, please contact J Mullineaux at 707.303.9620.