Grants Program


Healdsburg Forever 2016 Grant Program

This grant program closed on September 16, 2016.

Strengthening Communities

Healdsburg Forever provides grants to Sonoma County nonprofit organizations serving the Healdsburg and Geyserville communities. The county-wide initiatives Health Action, Upstream Investments, and Cradle to Career are important strategic efforts to strengthen communities, and so Healdsburg Forever seeks every opportunity to align our grants with these initiatives for maximum impact. Our vision is to ensure that the Healdsburg-Geyserville area is a sustainable, inclusive community in which all individuals have the opportunity to thrive.

The Grant Program

Healdsburg Forever grant applications are accepted in the following areas:

  •   Health and Human Services–up to $10,000 for program or operational requests
  •   Youth Development & Education–up to $10,000 for program or operational requests
  •   Arts Education—up to $5,000 for program requests
  •   Environmental Education–up to $5,000 for program requests

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that their program or project is specifically serving the communities of Healdsburg and/or Geyserville.

Grants in Health & Human Services and Youth Development & Education will continue to be prioritized, but Healdsburg Forever will seek to fund across the four program areas in order to support a sustainable and inclusive community.

Types of Grants:

Health & Human Services and Youth Development & Education: Operational and programmatic requests up to $10,000

Arts Education & Environmental Education: Programmatic requests up to $5,000.

The number of grants awarded is not pre-determined. Typically our grant amounts range from $2,000 to $10,000.


Evaluation Criteria

In 2016, we have revised our grant criteria in order to provide greater clarity to applicants. We recommend that non-profits that are considering applying for funding carefully review the criteria to evaluate whether their request is a fit for this funding. Please contact Karin Demarest, with any questions.

General criteria for all grant applications:

        • Serves Healdsburg and/or Geyserville
        • Organizations has a clear statement of mission and goals
        • Target population is either broad cross-section or targets our underserved population
        • Budget is realistic and aligned with the goals of the application
        • Organization is stable and sustainable
        • Organization demonstrates continuous learning and improvement


Criteria specific to Health & Human Services and Education & Youth Development applicants:

          • Addresses a significant problem that affects the lives of individuals in our communities
          • Meets our neighbors’ essential human needs for food, shelter, employment, health care and education
          • Serves economically underserved
          • Enhances access to services
          • Aligns with initiatives, i.e., Upstream Investments/Cradle to Career for maximum leverage
          • Utilizes meaningful tools and metrics for measuring progress and impact


Criteria specific to Arts Education and Environmental Education applicants:

            • Request is program-specific (no general operating or capacity-building grants)
            • Provides direct arts/environmental education experiences
            • Reduces barriers to participation, e., service hours, waiting lists, financial limitations, language/cultural differences, disabilities, geography, or transportation.
            • Curriculum is delivered by qualified staff
            • Provides multiple exposures to the curriculum (such as visits, lessons, or other engagement opportunities)


Friday, August 9th: Application opens online.

Friday, August 19th, 9:30-10:30 a.m.: Grant workshop for applicants at the Foss Creek Community Center

Friday, September 16th: Applications due by 5 p.m.

Thursday, November 17th-Friday December 2nd: Applicants notified of grant awards

How to Apply


The Healdsburg Forever grant program is closed for 2016.

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If you have any questions about the Healdsburg Forever grant program, please call Elly Grogan, 707.303.9638.