Grants Highlight: Sonoma Arts Emerging Artist Award

Designed to help emerging artists sustain their careers, the Sonoma Arts Emerging Artists Awards, at $5,000 each, helped three local working artists do whatever they deemed important to advancing their careers. They were chosen by a regionally-recognized panel of judges solely on the artistic merit of their work. They were selected from among 78 artists nominated by 46 arts institutions.

Collaborators including the Community Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation and the Arts Council of Sonoma County strengthened our arts ecosystem. A campaign to raise $300,000 in endowment funds for emerging artists is underway and will allow the awards to flourish in the future. Additional Community Foundation and Irvine Foundation grants will help fund an arts marketing portal, support public revenue advocacy efforts for the arts, as well as this year’s Performance Sonoma, a county-wide performing arts festival.

Sustainability in Action: The arts, from visual to performance to literary, inspire, captivate, challenge, astonish, connect, delight, refresh, engage and enlighten everyone! The arts also fuel economic growth, improve education results and increase social connectedness. The Community Foundation is taking a proactive leadership role in supporting the arts and artists in our community through building endowment for arts funding.

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