Grant Highlight

A Community Foundation grant has funded a partnership between California Poets in the Schools and Arts Council of Sonoma County that inspires local elementary school students to write and recite their own poetry. Examples of these heartfelt and inspirational poems are shared on these pages, selected because of their nature themes.

Art and beauty are inspiring. Unfortunately, in many of our schools emphasis on arts funding has been minimized, depriving children (especially the underprivileged) of a richer understanding and appreciation of the arts and the world. Through the California Poets in the Schools program, local working poets inspire and encourage every child to write and recite a poem.

“Learning great poetry by heart develops the mind and imagination. It isn’t just an arts program. By immersing themselves in powerful language and ideas, the students develop the ability to speak well, especially in public. This is a skill they will use for the rest of their lives.”

—Dana Gioia, Chairman, national Endowment for the arts

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