Grant Highlight

The beautiful, dramatic Pitkin Marsh Lily grows in only two places in the entire world—both in Sonoma County. The local chapter of the California Native Plant Society received a grant to conserve the lilies in Cunningham Marsh and help recover other rare wetland plants.
The dedicated volunteers of the Milo Baker chapter of the Native Plant Society have been energized by the results of their work, made possible by the grant. Matching funds were procured from the City of Santa Rosa, furthering their efforts and bringing forth a highly visible and positive change in a very special place.
In the bigger environmental picture, a small grant helped start a journey toward restoration of the historic conditions of the marsh that protect the Pitkin Marsh Lily. The restorative work will provide a valuable freshwater wetland that cleans water traveling to the Laguna de Santa Rosa and provide a habitat for five other endangered plants and animals.

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