Funds FAQ

Do you want the Community Foundation to make grants where the community need is the greatest?

Giving to our Community Endowment Funds allows us maximum flexibility to respond to changing needs in our community.

Do you wish to actively make grant recommendations from the fund you establish?

Consider a donor-advised fund. This type of fund offers you the ability to make grant recommendations anywhere in the world. We offer many ways to get more involved in your giving, including our Partners in Philanthropy program where you have access to unique local funding opportunities.

Do you have a particular area of interest (e.g., arts/culture, education, environment, health/human services) and prefer that the Community Foundation decide which program to support in your selected fields?

If you establish a field-of-interest fund, the Community Foundation actively solicits proposals through our competitive grantmaking program to match your interest. Earnings from funds are pooled to fund grants in particular areas.

Do you want to help Sonoma County students go to college?

A scholarship fund may be right for you. We have developed an efficient and cost effective process for processing applications and selecting recipients. All new scholarship funds must be endowment funds and require a minimum contribution of $50,000.

Is it important to you to both give back and remain anonymous?

You can name your fund so it does not identify you as the donor. All grants are identified only by the fund name (e.g., “This grant is made possible from the Giving Back Fund of the Community Foundation”) or we can make anonymous grants from your named fund at your request. We handle all paperwork and reporting requirements. You enjoy your privacy and the satisfaction of giving back.

May I make grants outside of Sonoma County?

Yes, you may make grant recommendations to benefit recognized 501(c)3 organizations locally or anywhere in the world.

For more information, please contact J Mullineaux at 707.303.9620.