Advised Funds

A Personal Approach to Giving

An advised fund is the perfect vehicle to be an active and engaged donor, allowing you to take advantage of the enhanced financial management and community knowledge of the Community Foundation. Whether you’re an inquiring new donor, a seasoned philanthropist or seeking ways to maximize the impact of your giving, we can help.

Reasons to Choose an Advised Fund

  • You play an active, personal role in your charitable giving.
  • You make grants to your favorite charities anywhere in the world.
  • You learn about the needs and strengths of our communities.
  • You obtain immediate tax benefits.
  • You avoid the cost and time required to create a private foundation.
  • You can involve family members in the rewards of giving.
  • You exchange philanthropic values with other donors.
  • You may give anonymously.
  • You partner with us to make a difference for those in need.
  • You benefit from our solid asset management and investment expertise.

A Private Foundation Alternative

If you are seeking a simpler alternative to a private foundation, creating a fund with the Community Foundation provides the benefit of effective grantmaking without the administrative, investment, research and reporting responsibilities and costs of a private foundation.

Community Foundation Sonoma County offers three types of advised funds:

  • Donor-Advised Funds. A donor-advised fund is created with a minimum gift of $10,000. You reap immediate tax benefits and may recommend grants to nonprofits over time. Because we handle your fund administration, you can focus on your giving. A second generation of donor advisors (typically your children or grandchildren) may be appointed to carry on your family’s philanthropy, avoiding the expense and administrative demands of a family foundation. Donor advisors also benefit from our many ways to get more involved in relevant community issues, opportunities to partner with us in grantmaking and tools to maximize your giving.
  • Committee-Advised Funds. Like a donor-advised fund, a committee-advised fund can also be created to support a specific issue or project. A committee of three to seven members may be appointed to advise on grants.
  • Grants from Advised Funds. Grants from donor-advised funds are a significant source of support to vital nonprofit programs in Sonoma County and beyond. As an advisor, you have 24-hour access to our online service Donor Central, where you can make grants at any time.

Note: All grants are approved or designated for approval by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. Some guidelines apply; all grants made must be for charitable purposes and align with the purpose of the fund when it was established. Grants may not be made to pay dues for membership in an organization, to satisfy personal pledges or obligations made by the donor or for any purpose from which the donor will receive some benefit.

For more information, please contact J Mullineaux at 707.303.9620.