Ending Family Homelessness

COTS (Committee on the Shelterless) offers help and hope to homeless persons in Sonoma County by providing safe shelter and housing, helping people develop steady incomes to getting them back under a roof of their own.

The words of COTS’ Executive Director, John Records, say it best: “Our board is concerned about long-term sustainability in our efforts, and vulnerability to the vagaries of funding caused by factors beyond our control such as changing government policies. The idea of building an endowment was embraced by our board and kicked off with a substantial donation. The Community Foundation invests the funds without our having to manage them. The reputation of the Foundation assures prospective donors that our endowment effort is solid and the staff introduces donors to our work whom we might not otherwise meet.”

Sustainability in Action: COTS helps homeless families become stable and break the cycle of homelessness by teaching homeless parents to make their children’s needs a high priority and to provide a safe, loving and secure home for their children. Skills are taught on how to find a home, get and keep a job and how to receive ongoing support from the community.

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