Maximize Giving

When you create a fund with us, we hope you will realize it is much more than a new tool for your charitable giving. Donors find that it triggers for them new ways of thinking about philanthropy, including what groups and issues they support, how they involve their family, how they learn about their community and how they might become more deliberate in their giving.

We encourage you to think about your philanthropy in stages. As you and your giving evolve, here are ways we can support your journey.

As you get started we help you…

  • Create a personal mission statement and grantmaking plan.
  • Focus on grantmaking opportunities that match your interests.
  • Understand the difference between grants for general operating support and targeting specific programs.
  • Make grants online or check your fund balance through the Giving Center.

After you have been giving awhile, we help you…

  • Determine how much you want to give each year.
  • Arrange site visits to nonprofit organizations.
  • Appreciate the added value of making multi-year grants.
  • Review and analyze the impact of your charitable giving.

As you look ahead, we help you…

  • Understand how your donor-advised fund and your estate plan can work together to achieve your charitable goals.
  • Use your philanthropic planning and to create a giving legacy for your family.
  • Involve your children in charitable activities, including naming them as successor advisors.
  • Address any questions about your fund and its grantmaking possibilities.

For more information, please contact Miguel Ruelas at 707.303.9619.