Donor Spotlight: Ron Casentini

At a young age, Ron Casentini discovered the wonders of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. He credits his family for teaching and encouraging him to appreciate the arts very early in his life. All of the collections fascinated him as a child, but the Egyptian section of the De Young Museum particularly grabbed his interest. His first acquisition was a mortar and pestle from ancient Egypt – and he still owns it!

Today, Ron’s contributions to the art world range from collector to speaker, supporter to educator. As his art collection has grown, so has his interest in the artists themselves. Understanding a piece of artwork as an expressions of an individual’s experience made Ron see cultural arts as a valuable tool to personal development. Just as his young life had been so positively impacted by art and creativity, he wanted more young people to have access to art and art education. In 2000, he established a foundation to support that mission.

In 2012, Ron decided to revise his estate plan to entrust the Community Foundation with one of his life’s goals: to support the arts program for youth, in particular. After Ron’s lifetime, Community Foundation Sonoma County will continue to award grants in his name to benefit the arts, artists and arts education in this county.

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