Donor Profile: Jim Kaumeyer

Jim Kaumeyer is a long-time Sonoma County resident, established a fund in 1998, fulfilling the legacy of his mother, Blanche Burns. Now enjoying retirement, Jim’s philanthropy includes support for a community organization called Seniors, Inc., whose mission is to build a senior center. Jim describes his personal philanthropic education through managing his mother’s estate: “I had to take over her paperwork, including the family trust … a friend recommended the Community Foundation… we were able to direct funds from larger donations to a few specific charitable organizations… I continue to donate through the Community Foundation and may open up my own family fund in the future. I have an excellent relationship with the staff … They have been very friendly, helpful and efficient in fulfilling my needs and requests.”

The planning, design and construction of a new “active” senior wing for Santa Rosa’s Finley Community Center will replace the outmoded center on Bennett Valley Road and will provide an environment for intergenerational programs and services including educational and health and fitness programs, expansion of the arts and increased opportunities for companionship.
Sustainability in Action: Combining the passions of committed donors and volunteers, making use of existing institutions and infrastructures and bringing together all generations, a new senior center is truly a project with sustainability at its heart.


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