About the Resilience Fund

  What is the Sonoma County Resilience Fund? The Sonoma County Resilience Fund was created in October 2017 to address the mid to long-term needs of Sonoma County to recover and rebuild from the devastating fires that have struck our community. Why medium to long term? Why not immediate relief? When a disaster strikes, on […]

Change the World – Mentor

Mentors change the world. They empower success and support young people through their journey to reach their goals and dreams. They enable growth, connection, experiences and as 10,000 Degrees Sonoma County says, “They believe in their amazing students!” This past year, Beth Brown, CEO, and J Mullineaux, Vice President of Philanthropic Services at Community Foundation […]

Disrupting Giving

Women are changing the nature and structure of philanthropy (and not just because they are giving more and more often than men). They are redefining what giving is about by using their work to build cultural understanding and open conversations about difference. Some are pledging time and expertise, as well as financial support and considering […]

A Parent’s Struggle Inspires

Mary Stompe’s high job satisfaction is rooted in a truly personal situation; her mother experienced what far too many seniors do. Mary explains, “My own mother, who had lived a middle class life in Marin, began a rapid downward spiral when my father died unexpectedly. She lost his pension, health and dental insurance, their house, […]

Stewarding Resources

At Community Foundation Sonoma County, we believe in the power of connecting people, ideas and resources to benefit all who live here. One critical component of our mission includes ensuring that all funds are managed with prudent fiduciary oversight and good governance. Donor advised funds, nonprofit funds, corporate and committee advised funds, as well as […]

There’s No (Good) Excuse to Postpone Estate Planning

There’s a saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  This is especially true when it comes to estate planning. In my practice, I often encounter excuses as to why people fail to plan their estates. I encourage everyone to educate themselves about estate planning. Estate planning is […]

Early Childhood Education

Access to education is a basic human right and essential in ensuring that all children are able to meet their greatest potential. Early Childhood Education allows children to have equal footing when they begin their educational careers. In Sonoma County, only 39 percent of Latino three and four year olds attend preschool, compared with 65 […]

Valley Fire Giving

Dear Friends, We know you share our heartache for our friends and neighbors, especially those in Lake County, who are facing the most devastating of circumstances wrought by the fires.  We also know you are eager to help and it is no surprise to our Community Foundation Sonoma County team by the outpouring of giving […]