Boldly Reaching Out: Founder Profile

“Most people have to be taught about stewardship and philanthropy,” says Jeannie Schulz. “To go beyond the instinctual part of giving takes thoughtful effort.” Like her passion for trapeze, Jeannie’s philanthropy is daring and bold. She’s excited about young people who bring a new spirit to civic engagement by using the nonprofit arena as a place for creative change. “I’m aware that by being on a board, I’m not in the trenches. I’m very grateful for those who are doing it, because they are the bridge for me to touch others.”

Jeannie credits the 1995 Charles DeMeo gift for much of the growth and visibility of the young Community Foundation, along with funds from the national endowment for the Arts (1989-1992), which matched money raised locally. She utilizes the professional staff whose community knowledge and diligence helps her judge the best places to put her contributions.

“There’s never enough money to solve all the current pressing community needs,” says Jeannie Schulz, founding board member who helped design the blueprint of the Community Foundation. “In the early days, the board focused on creating an unrestricted endowment; we did everything we could to encourage a wide donor base.”

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