2014 Annual Report

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Dear Friends,

In Sonoma County, we care deeply about the people and places that make us who we are.

Our farmers’ markets, fairs, vineyards, and town squares are our gathering spots for both friendship and stewardship. We are connected to our history, and our soil. During this time of drought, we are especially aware of the preciousness of our land and the responsibility and leadership required by everyone to preserve our very special place.

We are a community that rolls up our sleeves and gets to work.

At Community Foundation Sonoma County, we cultivate stewardship, solutions, and connections. We facilitate Sonoma County’s legacies by ensuring we understand the dreams of our donors and the needs of the community. We convene organizations and caring individuals to stimulate new ideas, foster collaborations, and strengthen philanthropy. We partner with donors and professional advisors to build resources that create long-term philanthropic solutions.

Since our founding in 1983, we have distributed more than 12,000 grants over the course of the Community Foundation’s history totaling nearly $170 million. In 2014, we granted over $10 million to 400 organizations. But we have also achieved the intangible by focusing some efforts beyond our grantmaking. Last year, we convened our donors through Greater Good discussions on the Portrait of Sonoma, issues affecting seniors, and family philanthropy. We are leaders in change-making groups like Cradle to Career and Upsteam Investments, and we’ve convened our nonprofit partners’ quarterly to listen to what matters to them most.

Each day, we help plant the seeds of philanthropy in order for something beautiful to grow. We till ideas, creativity, and intelligence to build sustainability for our future. Together, we make a difference for Sonoma County because we, like you, are committed to making our place one where all can thrive.

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