2013 Annual Report

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Dear Friends,

Results, stewardship, and legacy are some of the bywords that we consider each year as we prepare this annual report to share with you. We also consider dates and milestones to help put your partnership with the Community Foundation into perspective. We are excited about what we’ve achieved with your help and strive to build upon our history to do more.

Our roots run deep. Community Foundation Sonoma County was founded in 1983 with a modest $9,000 in start-up monies. The first grants were made in 1984, with $1,500 each distributed in support of the arts, education, environment, and human services—the four core areas we still serve most robustly today.

2013 was a big year, as it was Community Foundation Sonoma County’s 30th anniversary, the 10th anniversary of our Healdsburg Area Fund, and the 7th year of the Sonoma Valley Fund. Over the course of three decades, we’re proud that Community Foundation Sonoma County and its two affiliates have distributed over $128 million in funding to our area and made more than 11,000 grants here at home and beyond.

Through the generosity of our donors, we distributed $10.4 million in 2013 to nonprofit organizations committed to improving the lives of all who live here. Their work runs the gamut, from providing educational programs for students to preserving our open spaces to providing access to the arts to ensuring daily support of basic human needs for those facing dire circumstances. We continued to seek ways to leverage funding, ideas, and partnerships to address the root causes of these issues through Cradle to Career and Upstream Investments. We were also a key collaborator in the inaugural ieSonoma event, bringing together hundreds of educators and leaders with internationally known speakers for the purpose of making Sonoma County a leader in innovations and creativity in education.

As we look back on the past 30 years and forward to the coming decades, we see a renewed community charter of charitable giving in perpetuity to assist our neighbors, strengthen our towns and cities, and support the lives of every individual fortunate enough to reside in Sonoma County. We’re so grateful to you for placing your trust in Community Foundation Sonoma County. It’s our honor to participate in such a richness of vision, philanthropy, and legacy as you have guided us to serve.

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