2009 Annual Report

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Dear Friends,

Sonoma County is a place with a special energy, a current that brings people together. it is a place where we build families, friendships and neighborhoods, where every resident is an architect of our community. The energy that we dedicate to Sonoma County preserves our history and creates our future.

Sonoma County grows stronger as we work together to nurture and educate our youth, provide for those in need, protect our environment, and unleash the transformative power of art. The Community Foundation works with our fund holders and nonprofit organizations to direct this energy to achieve a vibrant, healthy community. We are fortunate to steward gifts that improve our quality of life.

We celebrate the commitment and foresight of Hazel and Roland Todd, a long-time Glen Ellen couple, who have assured significant ongoing support for the community through an estate gift. We celebrate the vision of Steve and Nancy Oliver, who created a ranch unlike any other, then chose to share their passion through an innovative model   of philanthropy. The Oliver Ranch Foundation, in partnership with the Community Foundation, will continue to inspire and enthrall with unparalleled vistas, sculpture and performance. These gifts and hundreds of others, large and small, contributed to the growth of Community Foundation assets from $112 million to $143 million in 2009.

We are also connected to the energy of organizations and individuals who work each day to make a difference. As the current economy continued to challenge our nation and our county in 2009, the Community Foundation, together with our donor advisors, awarded $13 million in grants and scholarships to support nonprofit organizations and local students. Almost half of our grants provided support to those agencies serving the most vulnerable populations.

With a focus on results and action, we bring together diverse voices to discover the pressing issues and the most effective ways to work towards solutions. We reach out to donors who continue to support our ending Family Homelessness initiative, recognizing the strength of a new collaborative effort to tackle chronic homelessness. Our Sonoma Valley Fund has addressed local needs with a comprehensive Youth initiative, employing the knowledge of community leaders and delivering a thoroughly researched and targeted action plan.

In Sonoma County, we are graced with the energy of giving that extends through our volunteers, our fund holders, our advisors and our partners. We call upon you to work with us to take action now and to engage in the long-term planning necessary to build our shared future.

Barbara Hughes, President & CEO David Voss, Board Chair


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