2007 Annual Report

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Bridges serve in ways grand and small, connecting us to each other, transporting us to new places, lifting us above rapid currents, providing safe passage. Good bridges are built to last, integrating durability, flexibility and resilience. Some are merely metaphorical or poetic in nature. Others are present in life’s details, giving resonance to the violin string or propping up our eyeglasses. Whether or not we notice, bridges quietly serve, making access possible, journeys shorter and providing new vistas along the way. Similarly, for 25 years, community foundation Sonoma County has been creating bridges of many kinds, linking donors with nonprofit organizations that steadily work to improve life for all.

Engaged philanthropy is What We Wish to showcase. A few of our donors share why they give and how they translate this into action. The Arc of Giving connects us all. It spans generations, crosses boundaries, provides access to possibilities and unites us in our concerns and passions.

A reliable presence supporting the greater good, a convening agent for positive change and a permanent bridge to a sustainable future.

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